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Seems like tidbits is a nice title for my stream of thoughts.

Such as …

Molly’s Solliloquy is probably the best known recorded stream of thoughts in history. Molly Bloom, wife of Leopold, has the whole last chapter of 18 chapters of Ulysses to lay into the reader her thoughts, desires, dreams, and primarily her disappointment, disillusionment and passive-agressive hatred for her poor husband. Did you know Ulysses is a modern recreation of the one and only Odyissey? I thought earlier that the structure of both works is the same, yet I was perplexed to find out that the 24 books of Homer don’t fit the 18 chapters of Joyce. I mean, if the name Ulysses and Odysseus is the same, is it, and if names of main characters of both works fit each other almost within a shoe, than I would expect the number of chapters and book should fit, shouldn’t I?

Furthermore, Ulysses was, as far as I have read, written as a tunnel. The outermost chapters were written first, I guess, 18th and 1st. Then Joyce started drilling into the middle by adding chapters. How and when he got the idea to reconnect his innitial prophane Solliloquy with the ancient poem, that would be interesting to know. I mean, Joyce chap had enough time to ponder things over, I heard it took him 8 years to write the bloody book.

Books are for nerds. Have you heard the thesis that general literacy is just a temporary phenomenon on this planet? Funny indeed, because vast masses of people today behave just as if they were illiterate. If the only reading one enjoys is the tabloids, what should one expect. Yet is that a sign of low intelligence. I think not. I even think, that literacy and intelligence are not necessarily linked. Strange, hah? Not if you allow yourself to go really deep. The depth I suggest here is the ontogenesis of scripture. Suppose you’re indigenious, a tribesman. Like 10.000 years ago. Somewhere between then and 4.000BC first scriptures appear. The reason that they appear cannot, I repeat, cannot be based on the fact that intelligence strikes us only then. If you’re a bit as me, then you should allow for indigenious, also prehistoric people to have essentialy the very same wiring of the brains as we do today. Not enough time to change anything in our DNA in 10.000 years, wouldn’t you agree? So, people before the scriptures appear cannot be dumber than we are, for if they were dumber, than this would contradict the DNA thesis. Also, the fact that some people today don’t read does not make them dumb, it’s just us who often describe them as such. Beacuse we do. It’s a stereotype. Maybe those people just react to their environment, their environment being schools that are deteriorating in quality, economy that is deteriorating, healthcare that is deteriorating, media that are deteriorating. Now wouldn’t you also agree that if literacy is supposed to be a matter of schools, economy, healthcare and media, and if all those are faltering, why bother with literacy. From that perspective having a gun and a girl to fuck is more important to survival than reading blogs such as this one, ain’t that right?

Bach. Enjoy this: On that note, literally, probably the hardest yet among the most poetic books in my life was this one:

Eschatology. The end of the world. Apparently there have been many before me to read the Apocalypse, I mean the last book of the New Testament here, and have published stuff on it. To me one of the intriguing tidbits is the number of the beast. It says that its number is six hundred threescore and six. Now, the two sixes are easy, I guess. What about that three score. A score is amongst others a number. 20 supposedly. So there you have 600, 3x 20, and 6, equalling 666. Well, stop! It’s just not that plain. See, even Engels, of the famous Marx and Engels couple, advocated the number to be 616. Stragely, the number is most often refered to Ceasar Nero, whose name in Greek coresponds to the numerical value of 666, while in Latin it is 616. Also, six hundred three score and six written in Greek provides a cool trick, because the word ‘and’ translates to ‘deka’ which provides a double meaning, one being that of ‘and’ however the other also being a number, 10 in this case. Wow. So 616 may just have a righteous place in this interpretation.

And now for something completely different. Porn. Not. I would, but there’s a border I’m not willing to cross. A sentence was written here before this lame excuse, but, it simply didn’t feel right to tell you about what I found about this topic lately. Hint hint though, if you’d like to search on your own. Check out a bizzare figure called Jan Van Lieden. There’s porn in this story, although the poor guy was burnt at stake on January 22, 1536, aged only 33, once seen as a prophet, actually born on February 2, 1502.

And while you’re at that already, go check when Ulysses was first published and if that amazes you, drop me a line.


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