Gregor Cuzak

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May 28, 2022
by Gregor Cuzak

On truth

Truth is elusive,
never conclusive,
always revealing,
yet also concealing,
protecting, caressing,
endlessly blessing,
forgiving, yet never forgetting,
sincerely opaque,
transparent, yet vague,
united, diverse,
unspoken, unseen,
unheard, unobserved,
yet felt, with no end,
the greatest of strengths,
the mightiest friends,
the biggest of […] Continue Reading…

March 8, 2022
by Gregor Cuzak

A sketch

Times come, when time halts.

It halts. We’re in a loop.

It boils. Boiling goes on. It boils.

Toiling. Is it? It boils.

Roll up your sleeves.

Chances are change is coming.

Just wait. Wait. […] Continue Reading…

October 25, 2020
by Gregor Cuzak

A flowing flute

Discover the cold

and grueling mold

of distant control

haphazard patrol.


The windowless shriek

as birds travel meek

they kindly molest

sufficiently bleak.


Another will turn,

give birth to a yearn,

the unfinished feast,

inglorious beast.