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Small annoyances. A pimple on my lower chick is bugging me today. My desk is in chaos. As always. Almost. Things don’t remain stuck on walls. Tiles. A scratch here and there, on our wooden floor, and on the table.

Big annoyances. Tragedy in Paris. Yet I’d never picture the prophet. I cherish love over freedom, and love knows how to stay confined. Yet I do respect that my fellows are prepared to protest and fight for the freedom of speech. I don’t. Aeroplanes falling from the sky. Poor Malaysians. Not at fault at all in my opinion.

I met this bunch of people yesterday. Amazing group. Not a group, each one of them I spoke with separately with. Yet, what a group.

There’s this woman I have to mention first. No. 1 in terms of organisational capacity in my circle of fellows. Truly a wonder. And yet, keeping her head low, no bursting out into the sunshine. Hence a Sunshine.

There’s this guy. A southern guy from the north. Now living in SF. A wonder of a boy, becoming a great man. Soon to be a wonderful man.

Then there’s this wizard, still boyish. Not sure about how much adult he is. But, he moves mountains. He climbs mountains without climbing them, others do it before him. He just makes it happen. A wizard. Or an apprentice, not sure still.

Then there’s more. Not to be more specific, they were a bunch. Not a group. Not separate, in the same room, but still not a group. A bunch.

Is there air. Fresh air. Over the stairs. With here heirs. In your hair. Delightful hair. See the mere, pleasure I get in seeing your hair. Beyond the idea of caressing your hair. Oh mere, you hair.

A shower.

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