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Nine five six

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This one is for Sunshine, the sunniest person I know. She just told me that reading my posts is, well, cumbersome, mostly due to their length.

Konsta also said that going back to the playful topics would be nice, I agree.

/the post start here/

/the post end here/

So this is it, a very light post. Nothing inside, actually. But read it again, and stop for a minute in between the start and end. Observe your thoughts. If that is nothing, then I am a cheetah grabbing an antilope by its throat just right now. Which I am not, obviously. So, think again. Is this nothing?


One Comment

  1. Iiiiii! That’s just one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me latey. 🙂 Excluding my little one’s hugs and smoochie kisses of course. 😉

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