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Inside my own black hole


I’m toying with the idea that gravity comes from information density. It’s not a hard claim, just a flinch of my imagination. Anyhow, sounds interesting because it allows me to keep sense once I fall into a black hole. Current models all talk about singularity, alas, all physical properties collapsing, without the possibility for reversal.

However, if gravity is information based, then the fall into a black hole doesn’t really change that much of things. Yes, maybe matter and information get separated, but who cares, it’s the information that stays intact, which is what matters. Plus, it doesn’t stop multiplying.

There’s a concept we have also missed in the transition that occured in the 16th century with rennaisance, when Bacon & friends told us that mind and body are separate. Doesn’t this separation remind you of the idea above, that of separating mind (information) from the body (matter). The missing part is the concept of levity. Newton just described the concept of attraction via creating his famous gravity model. It’s an ordering parameter. There’s the opposite ordering parameter that exists and Newton missed. Levity.

To make the explanation a bit fruitier, take the four basic elements, earth, air, fire and water. Gravity is associated with earth and water. What about air and fire. Why not encapsulate them too? I’m not talking of material physics. The problem thereof is that it was super happy to claim the whole territory of organised thought once Newton & boys did their magic. Who cares of fire and air, right? Fuck them.

Well, not so fast. We tend to consider consciousness as a gift. What about if it’s a curse? The reason to claim is that consciousness is in a way a tendency to give names to things (or concepts, ideas, constructs). The problem therein is that any naming of things requires one to create a limit. There are things with a name, and then there’s the rest. What is that rest? Why name things if this creates an unname?

Further on, entropy, a funny measure of something that is not physical, but just a description of possible states of matter, is used by materialists as proof of the validity of their claim that things tend to fall apart. Without proof (2nd law of thermodynamics not proven, neither provable?). But I guess: What if consciousness is the other principle, wherein information lumps into clunks of ordered islands directly opposing the idea of entropy always increasing?

Further on still, what if gravity is just a way of consciouness to harness the entropic nature of matter and keep it under control. The atmosphere is a great example, so uncatchable is the wind, yet it never escapes the master, the master being the gravity of a planet.

In this regard I’m asking you, my dear reader, how would you describe levity in order to reestablish balance lost from renaissance onwards?

Black holes require their opposite too. Is the sun our anti-black hole, alas the white hole, alas any star?

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