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There was a period in my life when I didn’t play games, computer games to be precise.
It was a rather sad period of my life.

Games are a must, for they are a kind of rhythmical mantra for the mind, almost like prayers, but also interesting, cool, and joyful.
I love games. I play them every day.
Currently mostly on my iPad, I still got the first generation kindly brought to me from New York by @igzebedze in the summer of 2010. I am in awe of how the thing performs, especially its battery after all the beating, battering and non-stop usage after 4.5 years. Amazing. Kudos to Apple.
The games I play a mostly very simplisitic. I am not a fan of games that try to tell me a story, I rather just stay in repetitive style, tactical games, even too much strategy is distracting. I don’t care about graphics, I just need the games to tickle my brains. Tickle, not digg into.

I think playing games will shape our future big time. It’s possibly a breeding ground for a new religion. In these times of lack of belief on most fronts, in the west of course, games are the one refuge that never dissapoints. That’s saintly, isn’t it?

Also, with games closing in on reality it seem inevitable that they will ooze through in practically no time. It is not that this would destroy reality, it will just give it a completely new quality. I am super excited about that.

Nothing beats reality, nothing. Yet games are magic. And magic is a part of reality. Wait to see this new reality of games. Let’s give it a name.


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