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Uncanny similarity of forces


Could gravity be caused by information?

That strange thought flashed through my brain about a month ago and hasn’t left me since. There are several reasons I’ve been pondering about this.

When matter falls into a black hole information is not destroyed in spite of a complete squandering of the matter. This means that you actually cannot destroy information, you can only transform it.

The same is true for energy.
Alas for momentum.
Alas for angular momentum.

This requires and investigation of what information is. For me it’s a consciuos realisation of the difference between signal and background (or noise).

Shannon posited that digitalisation is merely extraction of signals from the background. Alas, when you find a signal and you want to elevate it, the very act of atten(ua)tion raises the signal enough to make it into 1. And 1 is now different from a 0.

A 0 is made into 1 by giving an observed signal a little bit of energy. A little bit. A bit. That’s enough.

And yet, as soon as somebody gives energy to an observed bit, that very same energy is taken from elsewhere. It looks like directing of energy into a bit requires a funnel for that energy to be transfered into the bit but where from? It seems there’s one source alone: the observer.

The creation of a bit, the energy flow to enhance a signal and distinguish it from the background, to make a 1 from a 0, seems like increase of order. If so, it reduces entropy. This, according to the second law of thermodynamics, isn’t possible within closed systems. Including logic. But it looks possible in case of a conscious obserbver, just not logically explainable.

Somehow, beyond logic, the ability to create 1 from 0, connected to the conscious action of the observer, who assigns a 1 to the observed phenomenon, to make it distinct from a 0, of an unobserved background, creates further observations, of observations, alas metaobservations. And so ad infinitum. Any consciousness, alas the ability to observe and distinguish between a 1 and a 0, creates infinities.

Observer observing itself (him/her/them) creates itself (him/her/them). Alas 1 is self-created. And so is 0. Through 1.

Will continue next time, my energy is running low, however this deserves a continuation …

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