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There are two magic words in marketing communications, one of them is “new”. I dare not ask you what the other one is, I’m sure you know it. new

Not to digress let us focus on this “new” thing.

The first thing that pops in my mind, as often is Dragan Sakan. His drive for “new” lead him to create an agency in that name still alive today, called New Moment, however he was even more essential by creating a series of half communication half art projects entitled New. Details, I don’t know about them, I’d like to get to know more about it some time in the future.

Btw, did you know DS masterminded the Serbian Eurosong win Molitva by Marija Šerifović in 2007. What I like in particular with that story is how he made everything happen and create this mysterious atmosphere. The questions that really make my heart and mind race in the performance itself are the symbols. Do watch the video in the minutest of details. See the hearts that appear only when hands are joint? There’s a line in the song saying literally “hand in hand”  (dlanom u dlan). The girls, five of them are super-knockdown-fabulous-models, yet Marija herself is gay. So, she’s the sixth. The idea of number six itself is that there’s a closed group, as the number of fingers in a hand and than there’s another finger that doesn’t fit, so it has to go to search for another home, eh, hand. Now look at the shape of number 6 itself. See? Also, check hair colour. Two models are black, two are blonde, one is brunette. Ah, this is a bit too far, dear reader, I like to digress, as you surely know.

Then there’s another “new”.

One of the most interesting ones to me is New-ton. Fine, I’m playing with words, and names, yet sometimes a very old thing rediscovered can be seen as completely new. So, Newton. The last great astrologist. Wait, what?! He was a mathematician, a physicist, an astronomer, but not an astrologist, some of you might say. Well, check this. The prime historian of Newton’s occult sciences is John Maynard Keynes. One of the two most important  __________ in the 20th century. The other one is Milton Friedman, and the line is either for you to know or discover.

Back to Newton. Have you ever heard of a man who singlehandedly started three modern sciences (calculus, physics, optics), yet considered all three as inferior to alchemy. Alchemy??? Yes, alchemy, the very field also very closely studied in the 20th century by a guy with a name very closely related to “new”, namely his name is Jung, or in plain and bastardly translation it means “young”. Alchemy, what the fuck?

Well, alchemy appears to be not just wtf. It’s a spit in the eye of the modern scientist, who also despises homeopathy, numerology, biblical studies, creationism and all the quackery usually promoted by people with a lack of integrity, not to mention rigour, dilligence, discipline and all the other virtues of an ideal post-newtonian scientist. Oh, the irony.

New. New. New.

York. Amsterdam. Year. And improved. 2x better than before.

Eventually, new is all about the fountain of eternal life, the rennovation, the renaissance, the rebirth, the grail. Yes, the grail. The symbol is not a christian only, far from that. It appears everywhere and it’s easily understood. All, almost all people would like to live forever, or if not that, they’d at least like to be recreated, as in having children, having ideas that last, having a place in this eternity and limitless space, called the universe.

Alas, erotica. Creation of new is the very goal of erotica, sex (six), however erotica is also it’s own denial, it’s very closely related to extreme danger, that of death, of being completely defeated, ruinded, abolished, deserted, left in the low instead of high. And then there’s love.

Love. Is. The. Ultimate. Force.

Nothing beats it. Nothing doesn’t beat it. For love is god.

Complete and total surender.

New love. New death. New sex.

New new.

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  1. I was having a similar conversation yesterday with someone I met, so I must leave a comment today. I have to add that I think that many people suffer from neophobia. They’re afraid that the “new” will change the “old”. Because “new” means “different”. It means “changes”. And they’re especially afraid of love (romantic or fraternal, it doesn’t matter). You said that love is the ultimate force and yet, I’ve noticed that people do the impossible to avoid it. People are afraid of loving, because they think they don’t have enough of it to give, or that by giving new one, the old one will die .What they don’t know is, that there is nothing intrinsically subtractive about love. I read somewhere that love is not a zero sum game whereby for one to win, another must lose. Love does not work like that and it never has. We’re not robots that can be programmed, and nobody can delete our capacity for feeling. You don’t love two people the same way. Loving one friend doesn’t mean you can’t love five more. Including a new friend in your life won’t change the love you have for your older fellows. But most people choose not to run the risk. They stay at home, between four walls, to feel safe. Never new love, never new friends, never new chances,never new challenges, never new thoughts. Most people I know choose “old”. I like new, and I’m not afraid of it.

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