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Creation by magic


This post is inspired partly by the coffee meeting I’ve had with Igor Gajič, one of key young creators in Slovenia in the recent years. His acumen includes the rise of Jure Zrnec and Lado Bizovičar, the Slovenian independence celebration, several Viktorji shows (slovenian Oscar) etc. The other part comes from Blaž Branc, my colleague at marketing (aka Slovenian Amazon).

Blaž once told me how magic works. He said there is only one known principle. The idea appears in the universe and is captured into the orbit of the person via the uppermost chakra. Once observed it start to travel downwards. When it goes through the subsequent chakras it starts to gain weight. The process of gaining of weight ends once the idea appears in reality.

The key here is speed, from idea to actual apparance of an object. Materialization is instant with master wizards, fast with wizards, acceptable with apprentices, and seemingly unmovable with normal people. The interesting observation is that normal people can do magic too, it’s only that it moves at glacial speed.

Back to Igor. Igor says there are two layers of reality. One layer is the normal observable reality. Freud might call it conscious reality. The other part is the unconscious. Igor says that when he is under biggest pressure in the heat of organising a major event, he unplugs himself from the conscious reality. He doesn’t fall into a trance or something, but he simply gives very low importance to the chaos surrounding him. What he does instead is that he focuses on keeping the inner peace. The harder the pressure outside, the softer he tries to feel inside.

He says that this internal ‘peace’ is actually as if there was another reality rendering itself in the background. With the proper balance the fruits of this internal process appear at all the right places and times, just ready for the outer reality.

Sound like magic, doesn’t it?

My experience is that to create the impossible I first try to think it through. When the thoughts are ready, I share them with a few people. This part is extremely important to me. It’s as if my brain gets enlarged through their feedback. Then I take the re-thought ideas back and I start moving. I have to move, I have to do stuff, I have to physically move. Meet people, call partners, read, travel, try things out, dance, observe errors. Ah, errors, the sweetest of them all. Only once I am capable of integrating my thoughts with actions and the errors, only then can I start feeling the impeding weight of realized ideas knocking on the doors. And then it appears.

The magical part for me is that sometimes some of the steps in the abovementioned process occur surprisingly fast, they are coincidental more and more often, and as such, almost instant.

This instantisation of my creation process surprises me, yet I embrace it. I love it. It brings me joy. It is my own personal magic.

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