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Marketing is way bigger than brochures


It seems I’m switching to English, ain’t I? I didn’t think it would happen, because sort of cherrished my locallity, I simply don’t care about having great numbers of superficial followers. Don’t think I’m not vain, I am. I do care about growing figures, I just don’t want to sacrifice my style for it. Actually, the more rules I break, the better I feel.

Anyhow, this post is dedicated to claryfying my position on marketing and its role.

Marketing is simply not only about doing the next brochure, ad, webpage, event, you name it.

Marketing is about connecting the company with the customers. It is a twin brother of sales, yet they are different. Sales is driven by contacts, marketing is driven by content of those contacts.

As simple as that really.

Now, since I don’t have any more significant content to give here, but I still want this to look as a long long article, a signature Cuzak article, I have to fill a few more lines. Most of the following is trash, so please stop reading here.

But you can’t, can you?

Fine. Let me entertain you a bit more. Once upon a time, there was a princess. Her name was Ula. She had this magic ring, golden but pink in its glare. No diamonds, but pure magic inside. What Ula was capable of doing with this magic ring was a magnificent thing. Whomever she showed the ring, was blessed with happiness. This happiness showed in the person’s pupils, which shinned brighter through the blessing of the ring.

One rainy morning Ula realized the ring was missing. She panicked. No more happiness, no more bliss, no more joy to her family and friends. No more heaven on earth. Her thoughts darkened, and it showed on her face. Who did this? Who was this devil that ruined the dream, who shattered the fairy tale.

Ula was broken, beaten to the ground. Hear y’all, hear y’all, she was not thinking about how to resolve this, how to get the ring back. She wasn’t capable of thinking. She wasn’t capable of feeling. Nor being. Almost gone. Forever.

And then. Nothing happened. The ring was lost, or taken, or stolen. Not that it mattered what occured, the ring was gone. And, so it seemed, Ula’s sole. What remained was a vessel. A body. Some flesh, some bones. And untold sadness. Untold desire of extinction. Of longing.

Months passed. Seasons changed. Not that it mattered.

And then. Slowly but gradually, Ula started observing glitters of hope. A new fire was taking hold. It just took a few more weeks, and Ula’s new flares burst into a bonfire of new life. No ring this time, yet its memory came back. And this memory, this mental picture, once there, and then lost forever was enough to rekindle the magic she once thought she lost. And it was stronger then before. Where she sawed happiness before, she now openned hearts and let them pour themselves out like amazons of feelings, not hiding the sad and sorrow ones, yet staying happy and lively. The ring was there. Shiny. Golden with a glare of pink. Vibrant. And yet, there was no ring at all.

So, here it is. The end 🙂

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