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Third way


There is not only the way of good and bad, there’s the third way too.

Think about it.
There’s the new and the old.
The young and the old.
The rich and the poor.
The black and the white.
The up and the down.

But there’s more.
There’s the third way.

When teaching on communication I often tell students to consider motivations of their listeners. There are two basic motivations, I tell them, they are the Eros and the Tanatos.

The two Greek gods represent procreation, eroticism and eternal youth on one side and death, completion and fear on the other side. People want to be attracted to a promise, yet they also want to avoid danger.

But that’s not all there is to it. There’s the third way. It is not a third God of some kind, it’s more sublime.

The third way is knowledge. It is wisdom. It is balance. The third way is not an entity in itself, because it is more of an observation of the duality, of the relationship, the interplay of the two original forces.

The third way is nothing. Yet it is not. The third way is much more. The third way is everything.

The third way is love. Pure unadultered love. It is life, the time between birth and death, the hardest road, the deepest fall, the steepest climb, not the you, nor the me, yet the us.

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