Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy



Spin spin spin,
spin it round,
spin it round ‘n round!

Whirl it swirl,
girlish hurl,
whirl you furl.

Jag jag jag,
rhymin’ swag,
huggin’ shaq.

Roll it roll,
fold un fold,
strolling bowl.

Top it top,
Topping flop,
flippin’ globe.

Hold me tight,
carress my like,
undress my sight.

Rim rim rim,
joggers trim,
linguist’s dream.

Fab me lab,
lab me fab,
centuries untap.

Keep it lip,
tongue in chick,
love in tick.

Shoes shoes shoes,
want my blues,
be told of youth.

Sex sex sex,
don’t dare to rest,
don’t dare to jest.

Won won won,
forever dawn,
forever clown.

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