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One of us


What if god was one of us?

Really, what if we could see god in each one of us? Would we think higher of gods in fancy limousines? Would we look down on the bums begging in the streets?

See, I do see god, or you may call it goodness in each one of us. All you need to bring into my life is a tiny bit of magic, and I am satisfied. You are my god, however, if you are a godess, I love you even more.

Alas, I am god too. Now who calls the game, you or me? Well, the best way for me is to see that we both do, namely, we’re best when we’re united. However if the situation requires us to be divided, that is divine too.

Truly, I also subscribe to a regular religion, I am not a self-serving believer. I am Roman Catholic, and some people are surprised when they hear it. Probably because being a Roman Catholic is not seen as modern. To me, being modern or classic does not bear any weight. Being true or fake does. That is why I simply love some atheists, precisely because they believe in their choice.

I also believe in being responsible. I support the poor. I support the weak. I support my family. And I love my life, yet I tend to love the lives of a few people around me even more than my own. My wife, my kids, my family, a few friends.

Why disclose such information? Why not? Times are such that we need to tell others who we are, what matters to us, what guides us. Being honest and sincere is a position of truth. This very post could also be here to fake a position, and some might consider it as such, however why would I do this? You might say ‘why not?’ as I said just above. You choose your own judgement, I can’t, I never can. I only present myself, then step aside, carry on with my life. Live and let live.

And I can do one more thing. This one more thing continues in perpetuity. Thankfulness. I am thankful. To god. To you. Thank you, my friend.


  1. I liked this post. I found your blog yesterday, and have been reading it since, but I didn’t dare to leave a comment until now. I hope you don’t mind.
    I believe that people can be gods, or angels to us. That with their actions and words they can make our days better.
    We met on Monday in “oder pod zvezdami” 🙂 But you probably don’t remember me.
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and, if you allow me, I will keep on reading/commenting on your blog.

    • Herein I’m in a dissadvantage. I am revealed while you’re not. Who are you? 😉
      Do keep the cloak on, just leave the daggers out of this game.
      Also, I’m spookier in one-on-ones. People get goosebumps. Consider this as an argument to revelation.
      Finally, I intentionally abhor from googling you, your IP or whatever. As said, it’s a cool game, let’s play 🙂

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