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Endorsment: HappyPek


Every now and then I do vouch for a company, though in essence I vouch for the people who stand behind those companies. I vouch for people who keep the fire alive. The firekeepers.

Everything I tell you here is unsolicited and is only my personal view. I don’t know the people in this story, nor am I in contact with any of them. To make my point stronger, I’d rather stay anonymous to them, just in order to stay a HappyCustomer, like any other anonymous HappySoul who enters their bakery. Yet, my name reveals me, and mine is not to be hidden. Names point to people, and that’s beautiful.

HappyPek struck me the moment it was revealed. A bakery with a soul, actually a long family tradition crossed with the promethean fire of wonderful marketing. The Slovenian baker, Mr. Blatnik joined forces with a Jewish guy. I am not sure, but I do think his name is Yaniv. They hatched this plan and invited the best branding agency from Belgrade. The name of the agency was disclosed to me by my friend and colleague David Razboršek, marketing director of Tuš, himself a celebrative story of life. Sorry for not recounting the name of this super agency, in case of need ask David.

The strength of the brand is not in its boastfulness. Nor is it in how the brand is seen from the outside. The latter is just one of the six corners of the prism of perception, whatever its official marketing name is. In times of need for better understanding of this great concept I would talk to Marinka Šimec Romih, also a friend.

The strongest brands get it right in all six corners. It’s just like a wonderful cup of coffee. It satisfies all five senses plus our sixth sense. The story of how the best cup of coffee is brewed and delivered was kindly given to me by Sabi, the all-do guy from the very HappyFamily, however I am unhappy to report that Sabi left the company on the first day of August. I do hope he does come back when the time is right. The strength of his love is amazing.

HappyPek got it right in all six corners. They just missed in the hidden seventh corner, however from what I have heard only yesterday that part has been solved. I am not to reveal the seventh corner, however I will give you a hint. If there is a nation on this Earth whose destiny is to prepare us for conquering the stars, then this is it. The seventh ingredient is here.

I am strongly convinced that HappyPek will become bigger than any of its archrivals. Much much bigger. Just watch and see. It will be better than a Space Shuttle launch.

Dear Mr. Blatnik, Mr. Yaniv and Mr. Sabi, may the force be with you.


  1. As said, Sabi, I do hope that you will rejoin HappyPek. Nevertheless. You have put up a very pleasant LivingRoom cafe at Gregorčičeva. Go there, have a cup.

  2. wow … thanks for kind words…


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