Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy

Swirls of love


Gushing comes your whirling love,
swirling girdling lover’s arms,
caressing tender loins of faith,
in happiness of suns we bathe.

This flashy moment does collapse,
unfolded like the testament,
with death and trouble does cometh,
the path of sorrow never ends.

Through geysers counter you protrude,
too happy are you, crazy man,
the gipsy says what future shows,
beware beware the morn thereafter.

Are you afraid my darling love,
of crows and ravens swirly glides,
upon the graves of loved ones,
though heaven does await them?

Be not be not sedated now,
the presence brings us closer,
what may may come right into us,
we’ll stay we’ll sail much longer.

God gives us wings of sacred love,
of ancients earthed stepping stones,
your future is inside your bones,
your marrows courage never lost.

Charge forth oh forth you heroes heart,
give glory to us meekly crowds,
come lead us from the brink of wrath,
to lands of peace and laughter.

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