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On microprocessing

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Microprocessing is not an advanced technology.

Here’s why.

A microprocessor is a box that takes a signal into itself in a linear narrative form, makes something with it and gives a new signal out of it.

In short, you put something in in a row, and what comes out, comes out in a row too. It’s linear. And it’s discreet. I.e. it is either 1 or 0.

Biological processing is different. A biological processor is a box, that takes all the possible signals into itself at once, makes something with it and gives a multitude of signals out of it.

In short, you put the biological processor into an environment, it reacts, and it changes the whole system. It’s holistic. And it is analog. It is not only black or white. There’s an infinite rainbow of results.

Microprocessors are virtual reproducers of what biological processing can do in real life. Silicon microprocessing is a backward technology based on reductionism, playing a mirage on what really is advanced.

Biological life is the most advanced technology in the universe. The closest we can come to mimicking this advancement today is not science, it is art. And strangely, it has been art since the dawn of civilisation. We’re just confused about it all the time.

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