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Today I was critcised by a friend.
He told me he believed my stories about how he would succeed.
He said I was giving him hope.
Yet, after about half of a year since we’ve met there still are no results.
What is more, I have not done some of the things he has expected me to do.
And I confess.
It is true.
I talk a lot.
I thought I didn’t promise anything, but my friend believed the feeling I projected.
See, this happened to me at iTivi, the company I co-founded in 2005 and foreclosed in 2010. One of our shareholders blamed me for my optimism, or better, my lack of realism.
I confess.
I exagerate very often.
I make stories around facts.
I talk a lot.
And what is more. There are other promises around me at this moment that I have broken, even if in some cases I superficially thought I did not wov to keep them. Once you make people believe, even implicitly, your responsibility starts.
It is my responsibility to admit all of the wrongdoings mentioned above, and most of those that I have promoted in the people around me, and have still not come to realisation.
And I still talk a lot.
Two lessons for me here.
1. Talk less.
2. Talk when substantiated.
Thank you.

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