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Master plan


There used to be a person in a close circle of mine who dreamt up master plans on a whim of a whirle of a daisy. Fast, illustrious and grand. It does not happen that often that you find people like that. Actually they’re rarer than a diamond’s indentations on the wooden intarsia floor of the grand dance hall of grand hotel Union in the beloved city of Ljubljana.

Alas, here’s a master plan of mine. Being rare as they are, see above, it’s perhaps the time for me to lay one out myself too.

Or perhaps not. The thing is, master plans require mastering, not jacking, as in jack of all trades master of none. The thing is, you can always make a master plan if you’re a fool and are ignorant of all that exists in the world, or if you’re crazy and you don’t see the obstacles that you’re going to crash into pretty soon, or you’re both of the former and irresponsible on top of it all. Who cares, right?

Nevertheless, there’s the ode to the crazy ones, the misfits, the round pegs in square holes, I’m sure it rings a bell. If not, ring it here.

So, let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts.

I will have a Formula One team in 2030. I will need about 300 million € of todays money at hands to do that. Probably more. Most probably the motor in the chasis will not be an Otto or Diesel derivative, rather it will be an electric one. Or maybe hydrogen driven. Or maybe something completely different.

Also, I will have had a career as strange as it gets. I imagine a high tech innovation studio that I’ll be running not many years from now on. The studio will work with atoms as in solid, mechanical, wooden, metalic components, not so much with bits as in software, microprocessing, social, internet. I love wood. The Japanese call it the fifth element, we call it wood. Perhaps we should call it quintessence.

I also see myself dealing in art. There’s a strange plan, even stranger than what I’m writing up here hidden in one of my vaults that mentions a project called the Quintessence and deals with art, the five ideal platonic bodies, Tesla’s science, some Gödel, some Escher, little Bach, lots of Kleiber, and a whole bunch of Parsifals, Arthurs, Eschenbachs, Borls, phis, 137s, boat builders, Fab100s and many many others. They’re all in that hidden part of the master plan.

Alas hidden. It is.

Happy 2014.

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