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Naked truth



A set of facts. Yet the problem arises the moment I would like to recount them.

How come?

Say for example that I would just like to report that our best ping pong player won a match againts a Chinese champion. The facts are the following:
– he won the match
– it was a 3:2 win
– pointswise our champ was beaten by the Chinese
– the initial 0:2 was won by the Chinese

Now change the order of the facts.
– pointswise the Chinese champ beat our champ
– it was a 3:2 win
– the initial 0:2 was won by the Chinese
– he won the match

Honestly, the story is different just via the order of the news. Never assume readers are ideal, so do consider they forget some of the information and outright miss some other, and yet they still want to catch the jist of the story. Who won?

The truth is not just the sequence of facts. The truth is naked.

Having the truth naked means that it is such that people who face it feel ashamed. This means that they want to have it dressed somehow, they want it to be orderly, mannerly. Hmm, this redressing is an unconscious process of weaving a story out of a set of facts. It is never irrelevant how the facts are sequenced, nor is it any less relevant how they are joint into a single coherent story.

My point is that truth is always made of the factual layer plus the iterpretative layer. It is also always a matter of the giver of the message and of the receiver. In this the giver of the message is not in complete control, far from it, he is a victim of the combination, this serendipitious process of combining the haphazard moment of the receiver coupled with his whole personal history. This combination is far from predefined. This combination is magic.

Hence, truth is naked, and therefore it is magical.

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