Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy



Skidding throws,
sliding like a lollypop,
from thy love,
nothing’s left nor right.

Further further
goes love dressed in wool,
wonders wonder
seeking you in guzzling streams.

Rollback roll,
however sewn you bring,
love is love is boiling high,
neither hurt nor hurting growls.

Cheer the fear of dear,
gesundheit’s truth embraced,
love seek laughing light,
Charlize is capped in bright.

Order walks the path
of lovers fucking in the dark,
above the sky is lurking sun,
to wake your hidden pain.

The wait is but a word,
of cycles left unturned,
wherein love seems to start,
unfolds your poems heart.

An yet what comes,
goes west aboard a crowded bus,
galored in bloom,
met with the cold of scissors cut.

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