Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy



Whenever, wherever, there.
May you live your dreams.
May you go where there the sun shines on the brightly lit mornings.
May you be in May.

Hey. But what if there’s snow, what if there’s the glow, what if …
Don’t. Don’t kiss the swimming wistling gorillas, cause …
They. They kill. The dreams. The smashing realities of you …

Wherever. Therenever. There.
And if I were you.
With your beautiful and tender lips.
The ones than only need to be seen.
To be believed. To be seen. Seen.

Whoever. Believes. The truth.
Lies. Down. In pain. In excruciating pain. In the pit. Of life.
Less. Less dreams. Less guts. Less of offs.

Shining. Is. The sun. The sun of gods. Of gods that rule the world.
The worlds. The worlds that keep the spin. A sin.

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