Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy

Tell me heaven


You are my star,
you are my sun,
my moon, my dream,
my prayer’s heart.

Your Earth is here,
where home to live
is ours to choose,
a wondrous lear.

Oh one, just one,
you are for real,
for sinners’ gleam,
for righteous’ calm.

The truth the only ah,
the breath within,
the soul between,
beauty’s shining tzar.

How, when, who, what, why,
five lost ones ride,
through deserts stride,
you judge you die.

The rise is near,
the dawn has come,
new day was born,
unfold my love.

Protect, grow, care,
for heaven’s sake,
for hell’s mistake,
your steps should dare.

Untold umpteenth undones,
with chaos comes a tide,
of futures to be told,
of song unsung in hug.

The moment is your gift,
your shining eye relit,
your skin retouched,
you wit outwits the myth.

Hit, the street, with bit,
with rappers’ hat,
the hands redrawn,
the den abhorn.

You are above,
you are below,
you rule the world,
you are my king.

The rule is strict,
you make it soft,
you light my path,
my torch is love.

Glorious oh gloriful,
will be the day,
when heaven meets,
all of your needs.

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