Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy



People, most of us, strive to get financial success in life. A good job, a great deal, a business win. Such thinking is correct in itself, however if driven to extreme, this way leads to greed and greed destroys human values, dignity and lives in the end.


I don’t know why but it is more and more often that I see people craving for cash when instead they should be looking for love, peace, friendship. At least I do. If I’ve got enough money to cater and care for my family, do I really need to see superyachts, supercars and supermodels in my dreams? I do sometimes, yet the people and things who make me happy are already here without the “super” elements imposed to everything.

I also thing, that striving for super-success is an almost 100% guarantee to take people down the road of destruction, misery and uglyness. Why? Why should I take such ways when there are paths through forests, hilltops and other incredibly beatiful landscapes?



I am not sure about this, I just feel it is the right way to not go after the money in the business, but to follow things that matter first and then let money come after me.

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