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Moja fascinacija št. 1 je oživela na filmu tule:

Nature by Numbers from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

Ker sem bil tako navdušen nad videom, sem kontaktiral Cristobala. Spodaj je prepis korespondence:

Cristóbal Vila – ETEREA<>
to Gregor Cuzak <>
date Wed, May 12, 2010 at 11:10 AM
subject Re: Nature by numbers
hide details 11:10 AM (22 hours ago)
Hi Gregor,
thanks for your kind words about my work.
I’m not specially “passioned” by PHY (more than it could be considered “normal”). I like maths, nature, architecture, art, music… lot of stuff. This was a personal project with that themes. My previous project were different an the next one will be different too (maybe you could find some kind of unified style on all…)
Of course I will be glad to make commissioned work for any kind of organization or clients, both inside and outside my country 🙂
Best regards from Spain.
El 12/05/2010, a las 09:41, Gregor Cuzak escribió:
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Hi Cristobal,

I am absolutely flabbergasted by your video, and the other works on your site. Concerning “phi”, is this your passion or just a project? If it’s the former I would very much like to come and pay a visit to you to discuss.
Otherwise I work in marketing here in Slovenia and wonder if there is a chance for us to be your clients in any sense? I work for, Slovenia’s biggest online retailer and also for, Slovenia’s third largest general retailer. And I also know most of marketing people in our country. I am sure that there could be a small but interesting market for your work here as well. Not that I am thinking that you would not be occupied globally anyway.
Thanks by all means. You have made my day already by your stuff so far.
Gregor Cuzak



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