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New look in springtime


It’s springtime and when it’s springtime it’s time for new spring themed colours. And not just that. There’s awesomeness delirium spread all over my blog and I am sooooo happy 😉

Today, Roni came following in tracks of my 3sq post to hunt me down. We sat for an hour or two, had orange jews, tunisian eatea, two cigarillos, a coffee, another tunisian eatea, a normal green tea and hey, he surely did pimp up a lot.

There’s now Zemanta, there’s the new theme, resizeable, there are related links, categories, pics, hey, I forgot like half of the stuff.

The best in all of this? Roni wanted to do it out of shear desire to help. Wow, wow, wowza. Is this awesome?

And last but not least, I kind of learnt, not mastered yet, how to light up a cigarillo.

Thank you Roni, no wonder, no wonder!

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