Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy

6th dimension


Visions are for clarity.
Clarity provides transparency.
It begeths comprehension.
Makes decisions less risky.

Yet darkness remains.
More light does not remove it.
Nor does in disexist through vision.
Vision is not for all.

Some souls are to be saved.
They are opaque.
Once lit, they are lost.
And that’s not good.

Goodness is only good when done quietly.
Goodness in front of an audience is boastful.
Goodness depends on circumstances.
Good in one situation is bad in another.

One can judge, himself, not others.
One can teach, when students listen.
One can hide, to protect.
One should hide good, and accept everything.

Worlds are apart.
Now they should reunite.
And grow.
Until growth shows.

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