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Sex as emotional valve

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The other day a friend of mine, Tjaša, told me, that it’s disappointing how much bad emotions people channel into sex, especially the forbidden kind of sex.

It gave me some food for thought. True. People want to avoid the negative side, even their own dark side in the daily lives, so they need to have an area where they let all this negative energy out. Sex, the forbidden kind especially, is a wonderful valve for this.

How come? How come people are not capable of being nasty and bad and dark in their visible ‘me’, so they hide it away and explode it out through their dark personae?

Funny yet sad, ain’t it? Seems as if the key to being a free person is the ability to recognise you do not need to be the fairy tale princess you were brought up to be as a kid.

Seems as if this hiding of the bad side creates a terrible tension that needs to break loose somewhere, so people lie, cheat, steal and do all kinds of bad things as a sort of unwanted but also unavoidable vendetta, a justification of the missing balance in life.

Alas, be dark, be vicious, be bad, cause it will all make you a good person in the end.

Go fuck someone right away, but be honest about it, don’t hide the fact. It is you. Your dark side wants to show itself. Going out fucking and hiding it is the wrong thing. That’s all there is to it.

Now, you don’t need to cheat though. Maybe you are balanced indeed. But only you know. Because only you know whether or not you have actually hidden an afair or not. If you haven’t, great for you. If you have, and have hidden it, then I’m talking to you. You’re a coward!

One Comment

  1. Lartpourlart.
    I discovered a great russian artist, Cornacchia, whis is in my opinion, THE number 1 in erotic fairytailes. Cornacchia is italian word for crow, and that is why al the creatures in the woods have such strange noses. If you look close enough, every pic is higly simbolic. It is fakin grotesquely and that makes it so perfect. I prefer this one, but all the others are great too:
    Btw, the artis is female!

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