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Back from twitter to blog


I have found out that simple restraint from twitter, that I’ve been practicing fro the last two weeks has increased my desire for blogging substantially.

It’s sort of a zero sum game. The more I add in one are, the more gets subtracted somewhere else.

I heard this first from @yougo who explained once why he reduced his once very popular blogging on his Oranges&Nuts blog. He claimed it as a tax levied by his increased use of microblogging, such as koornk at that time, and twitter later.

I agree with @yougo. It is true. The more I tweeted, the less I was urged to blog.

So I reversed this. I am still tweeting but far far less, as properly observed by @karmennovak yesterday.

And I am happy about it. Actually, happier. Blogging enables me to carry on longer trains of thought. Which suits me better. Twitter, on the other hand, is a stream of thought drops. And those thoughts get splashed around in all directions much faster.

Focus, that I’m looking for now in my life, is better accompanied by blogging. And what do I know, maybe I will recess into silence completely, at least in the virtual world, to experience that as well. Maybe the meditation provided by self imposed silence will give me even more.


  1. Twitter never seemed quite YOUR media to me. I always saw you as a person who has to say far more than fits to 140 characters. Even if it’s n times 140 characters. 😉 Glad you’re back!

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