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We’ve just come back from a fishing expedition with Nikša, my colleague and friend.

We brought back a bucket full of fish. We’ll see how delicious they are as Nikša just went off to boil a few of fish with some tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper.

We also learnt how to catch clams and shells in the water of the sandy beaches. Just wave your fin above the floor to blow the sand away and if you’re lucky there’ll be a clam waiting bare open for you to take it. We got 5 big ones in less than few minutes today. Tomorrow we’re going to get a bucket of them.

We also lay 100m of fishnet and we’ll go off to pick it up tomorrow morning at 6am.

The fist we brought back today was caught in vrša, the fish cages where fish goes to eat the bread waiting inside as their bait.

Pure romance and adventure. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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