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Öllsta Challenge

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I have just returned from Sweden, where I was on a tourist visit with my family.

We’ve had a great time there, especially in a small farm outside of Nyköping, better known for its Skavsta airport served by Ryanair. The farm is called Öllsta and can also be found at

The farm is one cozy place. Very modern and stylish inside, including a 50″ TV, three double beds, a kitchen, and bathroom. On the outside the farm is peace+heaven on earth. To top it off, Henrik and Katarina are caretaking, yet not intruding.

A few highlights are here:
– you pick your own eggs from the henhouse in the nearby barn
– the forrests around the farm are full of porcini mushrooms, picked about two kilos in about half an hour
– the family has two samojed white fluffy dogs (my daughter calls them bears), two cats, two horses and some other animals
– nobody locks their houses, nor did we lock our cottage. Upon being asked about this Henrik said ‘welcome to Sweden’
– it’s q.u.i.e.t.
– the place was fully renovated a year ago

Now, after leaving Henrik sent me a nice enquiry about my note in the guest book. I wrote that it would help them if they became members of various booking systems. I told them that I didn’t find them through such systems, but rather just googled a bed & breakfast in the Nyköping area and then phoned them up.

Upon this Henrik said that he has applied to several booking systems. But still, I didn’t find them because of the booking systems.

Aha, now, here’s the challenge, my dear readers. What would Henrik and Katarina need to do to be marketed better? Please pay attention to the fact that you consider real and addressable issues. Keep the smoke and mirrors to yourself, I don’t like them at this blog anyway, if you haven’t spotted it so far.

For example. I will not accept suggestions of general nature such as “improve translation” or “optimize for search engines”. But I would love to see suggestions such as, page this, line that, spelling mistake, correct from this to that. Or for example, try out ad words per keywords “skavsta”, “room”, “bed&breakfast”, “sweden” and “ryanair”.

So, people, any ideas? Wanna go there and check it out yourself?

I think I would go there again. In winter. They have snow sledges, drawn by their two horses.

To make it clear, I offer no prizes for this challenge, nor am I in a deal of any sorts with the Anderssons. It’s just plain old satisfied customer acting as a promoter. And I feel great about it.

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