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MBA with hands in dirt


I am one of those useless people with an MBA. You know the guys who know all and tell all. I’ve been like that before, but MBA just made it worse.

To make things worse I have not stayed in rooms of marble and leather, no, I delved into the dirt (entrepreneur, startup founder, marketing guy, consultant, add whatever). Imagine a guy, who knows all and tells all trying to apply his non-existing skills where other and better people have failed. A fail-fail.

And yet, there are comments like one I got from an industry veteran. He said I typically improve performance and also image of companies that I go into. What?! The charade seems to have taken on a complete circle. Since obviously I am a complete double failure, the failure has now made a complete turn, and some people wrongly consider me a success. Now that, my friends, is the ultimate failure. Imagine a disability so great that one cannot even hide his own disability!

And, now, since I am in this doubly strange position, allow me to give you an advice. Do not go to an MBA. It teaches you something, but my wife can atest that I am not any better. I concur with her. But in case that you do go to an MBA, do not, do not ever, I really mean it, not ever, do not try to do stuff with your own hands, don’t get practical.

Got it? If you do, you failed. Re-read.
Missed my point? I told you so. You’re sane. Now run away from this blog and keep away. You’ll be much better off.

Cheers 😉

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