Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy

Flat and flattered


Flatter is yon earth below,
flattered is your beard above,
flat is just a word and so,
fluffy birds come come you know.

No more will you cry cry cry,
for you deserve to lie in smiles,
in cycles turning riddling howls,
beyond the tunnel comes the light.

Carmine is red of depth and truth,
Frank’s love beloved colors groom,
entitling him to plan in blue,
the prints of glory ‘s in this room.

Traverse the wisest of ’em all,
the heart beats him way down to hell,
there is no faith below the head,
believers’ race will never end.

The kisses kiss your chicks in me,
the swans caressing trees with thee,
the haze ungleams your hurdling fee,
undress, lie down and wait for …

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