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New life

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Dragan Sakan’s lifetime project was his ‘new’ concept. I am not an authority on Dragan, there are many much better in this region, however I did have a chat with him, yes, a single one.

Dragan said to me, during the first Ideas Campus in 2000, that I would become a great man, eventually, however that before becoming that I would pay a high price.

Was this a prophecy? Have I paid enough? Don’t know, honestly.

I do know something else, now. Life is not about greatness, nor is it about being the best, it is even less about leaving a mark.

Life is completely different. Life is a mistery. Life is an ever evolving game with thousands of options but only one being played out at any which time. Life is about observation. Life is about taking action.

My life is new every day. Yet, the patterns repeat. I recognize patterns most immediately from previous lives aka days I have also lived in. But more often than not patterns differ. I am talking about all patterns here, including people. Especially people.

People are walking universes. Everyone is special, everyone recreates this universe we live in, everyone shapes my new life, my every new day.

Newness alludes to not being old, hence it is a promise of freshness, curiosity and wonder. However, old things can always be seen as new if we allow ourselves to discover novelty in them.

People I love are the ones I keep on returning to because they combine this combination of stability yet novelty, this new oldness, this peculiarity, this charm, yet simplicity. To me the most interesting people are the ones who are. That’s it: they are.

Are you?

One Comment

  1. Definitely.
    Bttw, mal z zamudo – vse najboljše

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