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A windsurfer with modern gear tilts the rig an...

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wondring round the closeth blanks with jibing rants and howling mud trespassing freaks removing bliss
jolting clicking rigging rising twitting dwindling kindling mingling hanging ranting chanting mounting bloating goating jazz
rules untrue unworthy blues
seclude your shoes in private’s cruise of beacheads news regaining loose the very truce
dandle lion choking lakes neck chain bulls at end through wing danes sing rows lean gross nile sweden’s eden
frozen kill rotten will sprawling thrill ali’s sheen
drowsn cowsn lovern govern greeks untydeth

thoughts regained minds are cleared fog has moved

a moment’s peace is lost in yolking rivers of saliving lava with volcanic glow of growing pipes of black reggurging sy follouten gloom
rules untorn clothes resawn children born lovers sworn in oaths of bloom
perusing klown jibbeting shines
redone rewound
check the store there is a myth
therein’s the grail therein is life
you wisdom’s trial

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