Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy

Empty walls of happiness


Empty walls of happiness,
bring me all the clout,
find me raven’s cloud,
bring me peace from the above.

Rainbow children listen deep,
riding unisonly on them sons,
sons of goats of lively shame,
unicorns do lough in dreams.

Heaven you are turning dark,
finster sounds the word,
key-less locks and door-less homes,
mushrooms rising in New York.

Glossy paper, black is chiq,
be my baby, wear your lips,
tender softly breathing shores,
he may win whom she adores.

Running swiftly in the breeze,
cycling strongly with a wing,
bulls of glory on a loot,
history will turn the wind.

Ruling classes love their moms,
workers perish in the crowd,
I am going fishing soon,
God says madness I say moon.

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