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Writing slogans or taglines is an art in itself.

To make myself clear, I do not consider myself a master in this domain. Yet I do have a few things to say, had to write one or two in my career, and know that there is a pure commercial task behind every slogan, so the rambling of creatives can be of anywhich sort as long as it sells.

So, what do I strive for with a slogan?

First, I want the slogan to be the shortest, however also the completest message one can give about a brand. Slogan does not come with an asterisk and an explanation of the slogan innthe footnote.

Second, the tagline, or explicitely the slogan directly attached to the sign and logotype of the brand cannot and should not change with every campaign. Tagline is the crown of brand positioning.

Third, slogan has to amplify the brand. A brand is not a slogan. Nor is it a sign or logo. Nor is it the product, the packaging, the pricing, the customer experience. It is neither of the above, yet all of them. Best brands are sinesthetic. This means that all the brand touchpoints with the consumer telle the same story, evoke the same feelings, create a complete picture. The slogan is particularly hard, because although written, which sits well with the rational mind has to play on the artistic side of the mind too.

Fourth. Just do it. The real thing. Podčrtano z rumeno. Moja domovina. Vorsprung durch technik. They are short, they are memorable, they are differentiating, yet not really special if not attached to a wider and deeper concept, the brand. There is a natural fit between the slogan and the brand. A fate. Slogans are not written by copywriters, they are dreamed by visionaries.

One more thing. Any creative work needs to find a dynamic, yet keep its balance. The best explanation thereof was given to us by the late Dragan Sakan, the ad man legend of our region. He just said, I paraphrase, any communication needs Eros and Tanatos, a passion to procreate and a fear of disappearance. Find your way with these two, and you’ll find love. True love.

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