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Slaves of debt


We’re slaves. Slaves of debt.

See why!

Money is created in such a way that the central bank prints 100$. This 100$ are given to companies who have to return 105$ after 1 year.

The 105$ are returned by the companies in such a way, that they return the initial 100$, plus 5$ from the next year’s loan. Now companies don’t have 100$ anymore, but 5$ less, so they have 95$. After second year they still have to repay 105$. However, they only have 95$, so now they have to take 10$ from third year’s loan.

And so the situation worsens from year to year. With less and less, companies have to return more and more. The short term solution for the companies is to take on debt. But the debt inevitably grows. When debt cannot be repaid anymore, slavery ensues.

There are only two winners in such a system. First, they are the fewer and fewer companies with more and more power. Second, they are the banks.

The losers, they are all the remaining companies, people and even countries, either not lucky enough to be the best, or not evil enough to be the financial elite.

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