Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy



wanna worka til you

re not that kind of girl

who goes beyond

and beyond

to infinity and back

to less

and less and less

hey, you suck, you know you do

cuz once you’ll put a ring on it

and fly


the sky

once you’ll capture the right rose

and shine until it glows

and grows and grows

your beauty I’d still see

even when I’m blind

and blinded by your beauty,

piece of cake

that i make

with my love, for thee and yon and him

and let me take you forth, above the thrones of filth

he groweth a myth, of sith

and come, come in pairs and come in droves

and shine

you star


  1. Če bi meni kdo napisal kaj tako lepega bi mi polepšal življenje, ne samo dan.
    In ne lažem.

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