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New start


So, here it is. My blog just got over from to

The transition occurs to to the sad fact of closing down. We have found out the hard way that copying Netflix doesn’t necessarily equal success. Actually, our business partner who sold us the software for the platform told us some time later that out of 25 licenses sold only 3 made it to profitability. Sad.

I have commenced writting the blog four years ago. My initial purpose was to help iTivi build its online communitiy, however I discovered quickly that the blog became a tool for my self expression first and a tool to connect with a circle of colleagues second. What it has mostly not become is what I have never been, a movie fan and thus a movie site. Well, eventually I admitted to myself that the drives in my life fall much more in line with marketing, consultancy, sports, the other pleasures of life and even philosophy.

I hear by talking to my friends, and see, by the number of comments at least, that blogs are not popular anymore. Fine by me. I don’t write because I want to be read by a large quantity of people, although I do want to have a blog that is read. By people who want to dedicate more than 10 seconds to my posts definitely. I prefer deep over wide.

This is why I don’t care too much about losing a part of my readership due to this transition. Some of my readers care and they will follow. The others, well, if I am nothing more than a signal slighltly above noise, mostly due to some historical coincidental mistake, then I prefer to be ignored.

Enter twitter. My twitter nick is @gcuzak. I like twitter a lot. Yet I sort of liked Facebook too, but decided to scrap the account in January 2009. I wonder when the moment comes when I will do the same to my twitter account.

Well, whatever happens I do intend to continue writing this blog. For myself. And for those of you who care.

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