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Mountainous relationships


Mountains have grown on me. Not literally, but quite close.
I’ve liked mountains in the previous years, but only in the last ones have I come to love them.
In this love I’ve observed that the feelings I get when surrounded by ridges of beautiful heights remind me incredibly of how I feel about people.
High and low, and then something in between, like a beautiful lake, a valley, a forrest, a breeze, a bird, the sun, the smile on my face. So much so that I even started drawing parallels between sex and trekking. The intensity is similar.
Now with relationships, if you’re sincere, and if they’re deep, then they’re like mountains. All but flat. Loving a person, even more of them, is exactly like that, all but flat.
In the last days I’ve been experiencing one of the strongest dynamics in both fields. We’ve just climber a 300m wall in Mala Mojstrovka, we’re about to go on a 3 day hike to climb four different hills in Koroška region, while in relationships it’s as wild as it gets.
In regards to that I’d love to stay with my mountain, the one I’ve loved for years and years. Yet I do know that love guides us ahead and we have to be prepared to enter into new territories. Which never means that the mountains we love and loved will be forgotten. I will always love you, always.
This leaves me with one thought. If you want to keep something you love most, then sometimes the only way to keep it is to let it go.
I love you, my darling.

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