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Money does not lead


Money follows.

Whenever I hear moaning in the form of, “if we had that much money …”, I downgrade the person claiming it by a few magnitudes. How come?

Money is a tool, not the goal.

And tools should be at hands of those who can use them. Money is a very damaging tool when in the hands of incapable. Like any other tool. Money in the wrong hands creates bloated egos, destroys relationships, denies true creativity, enhances excess, produces envy, and promotes lazyness.

Money in the hands of the capable is an enabler. It can help do miracles, bring good to a lot of people, supports great imagination, improves our lives, brings happiness. Funny, money does not do all of that, people do, money only helps.

I was asked years ago what I would do with a bingo at a lottery. My answer was that I would not like to win. I would like to earn it. And then some. The reason is that I believe you have to be fit to manage large sums. Lottery supposedly enables the good life, but it’s ironic how lottery winners judge their lives before and after the big win. Most claim they were happier before. How come?

Money comes when you’re ready. It’s like water in a watering system. Build the system first, all the pipes, valves, reservoirs, pumps, nozzles, etc. When you let water into such a system, it does a lot of good. It brings water, the liquid of life, to all the right places, puts it to all the right uses. None is wasted. Take this same water, but imagine a watering system not built, what results is a tyrade of leaks, lost water, misuse, waste. Why, o why should water flow wherein it does no good?

What about global finance? What role does money play there? Well, in a system driven by greed, money drives – yes – greed. And greed is like a weed, it gets fed at the smallest of the roots, at – yes – you. And me. Are you greedy? Would you like to make a quick buck for no apparent reason, as a reward for nothing? Do so, and you’re a part of the same system. Don’t complain, you’re driving it. I am, too.

Too complicated, this global finance? Well, let’s take my favourite topic, the ads.

Wanna buy ads? Answer one question. What will achieving of your goal do for the world? If it will only bring you money, then your buying of ads is nihilistic. You create money for the sake of money, alas you work for a salary. Get a purpose!

What I suggest instead is you make sure first you’re about to help your customers, make their lives better. Or ignore customers, do it for you company’s good. And this better is not necessarily more lazy, it should comply to a system of values you cherrish and respect.

Improve distribution, forge new relationships, introduce a meaningful difference, protect the environment, promote intelligent design, make a statement, be brave.

Value equals what you consider is worth living for.

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