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Hot or cold


Company cultures differ wildly, in a broad sense, some are hot while others are cold.

In retail the offices are busy, loud, rushing, almost neurotic, in a word – hot. The action is ‘on’ all the time. My claim is based on my experience in Mimovrste and Tuš. Both companies felt like a bee hive, full of life. In case you don’t know both companies are great, among the top in their industries in Slovenia.

In opposition to hot companies I’ve also seen excellent companies that are completely different. They are quiet, focused, churning out work in a peaceful manner. Walking around in offices of such companies feels like a disturbance. People in such companies, very often engineers, don’t like distractions. They have blueprints to prepare, instructions to follow, mistakes to uncover. Coldness in such environments can be deceiving, these companies are not dead, they’re dead serious. Examples of such companies that I have worked with are Nil and Igea. The former is a worldwide leading networking expert from Ljubljana, the latter the leading GIS company in Croatia.

So, what’s better, hot or cold?

Neither. In truth a smart combination is sought. Perhaps the best company to illustrate this weaving of hot and cold is another company I have worked with. DLabs. DLabs is a spinoff company from Domenca, the nest-parent of Mimovrste, the Slovenian online retail juggernaut, mentioned above already.

DLabs is generally a very quiet and focused company. It feels like a proper IT company, which it is, because it churns out code for new e-commerce sites. Yet, the team of 30 people actually works in squads, or families, or even cells, that are very hot on the inside. DLabs is a living organism. Hot and cold at the same time.

What about me?

I used to be a cold person, but marketing, the vocation I love, transformed me. More often than not I am described as very energetic, driven and even ‘šašav’ which loosely translates to crazy. Hot, obviously. Yet this is not everything. I do know how to turn the heat off. I can be cold too.

Sometimes my emotions drive me into either of the states, but now more and more often I choose the temperature as means to achieving a goal. Sometimes I want to disrupt, so I choose to be hot, on other times I want to calm my team down, so I’m cold. Again, most often I just blend in, so I take on the temperature of the team around me. Nevertheless, I don’t suceed every time, but more and more often.


  1. Jeez, thanks Petra. I’d write a post about you, but that would make people envious, so I won’t 😉

  2. A mix of hot and cold is rare, but great. This mixture makes it fun to work with you. Fun with serious results 🙂

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