Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy



Things break. Ultimately.

Imagine an earthquake. Tectonical plates move. Tension rises. And rises. And ri … Rapture.

Imagine human society. At first everything is jolly good. Sometimes some emotions are crushed, yet appearance of happiness persists. We behave as if everything is fine. Then more bad things occur, yet we smile, still. Then some of us become suspicious, yet we’re afraid to show it. Nobody wants to be the party poop. Finally dissatisfaction starts leaking out of the waterproof-happy feeling. Opposition forms. It is crushed sometimes, yet the more crushed it is, the stronger it becomes. The fight is becoming ever stronger. And then. And then. And t… History explodes.

Imagine nature. A successful organism. An incredibly successful one. Hungry. Hungrier than hungry. Eats everything. Leaves, shoots, everything. And grows. And grows. And gr … Stops! Stops as in s.t.o.p. All external dynamics grinds to a halt. What was soft becomes hard, what was structured melts down. Total meltdown. Time flows. Yet something’s cooking. What’s going on? What’s happening? I don’t know, nor do you. Yet in time the shell cracks and out of it comes beauty. Fragile yet wonderful. Delightful. Amazing. Awesome as awesome can get, and then some. A butterfly is born into this world.

Things break. Ultimately. Time. Heals.

Fracture healed is … A butterfly.

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