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Dreams are not what they seem.

This world is not what it seems. Our life is made of two halves.

One half is the daylight awareness, the time we consider as reality. We wake up. We see our material bodies as the limits of who we are and we feel distinct from the environment. I am myself, and everything else is not myself. I am my own universe, within the Universe.

Then there’s the other half. The half where our bodies lie down. The half wherein our brains take on a different frequency. The sleep. Yet albeit the imoveability of matter, some kind of melodies begin. These melodies are the dreams.

Of course we consider the dreams as separate, just as we consider ourselves. Our dreams are unexplainable, nevertheless this does not hinder us from predjudicing our dreams to meaningless uttering of nerves.

But could there be more?

Aborogines, the natives of Australia consider dreamspace as the real reality, whereby daytime becomes somewhat less real. It would not be important if there were not two interesting tidbits about it.

First, Aborigines and their continent never engaged in wars, the only continent to succeed in this. There are distinct tribes and the distances should have alienated them in the eons of time which would enable them to slay the enemies with no mercy, as we ‘normal’ people did throughout history. Yet they don’t and they didn’t.

Second, Aborigines supposedly communicate over large distances. They say that they can meet and talk to each other although they might be separated by hundreds of miles. I cannot judge over the truth of this, however this second tidbit corresponds with the first one.

What is more, both tell us a possible strong lesson about agression. It is not the separation of bodies that brings war, it is the separation of souls. Take child abuse as an extreme example. Only parents who are completely detached from their kids can hurt them. Only families that fall apart in dreamspace, can also fall apart in daytime reality, and the fall can be lifeshattering.

Dreams have power, no lesser than the power we show off in our reality. And they are interconnected. How they connect, I do not know. And who does? Maybe C.G. Jung with his concept of his collective unconscious. I do know that the way to uniting the dreamspace with daytime is in deflating the supposedly higher ground of daytime, in reducing our arrogance, our ignorance. Humility, respect and sincerity seem to be the seams that interweave the two seemingly separate realities.

What comes is a new world. Forget what you know, and relearn it. And repeat, repeat, repeat this. Until the end. And beyond the end. For there is none. No end. No beginning. Just repetitive intermingling dance of matter made of dreams.

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