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Strawberry Cake


I cannot not bake if my baking itch strikes. The itch came back this week so yesterday I made this strawberry cake.

Here’s the recipee for my friends from South Africa 🙂

For the base:

take equal volumes of butter, sugar, flour, walnuts (here I used pecan nuts)

in this cake I used a small glass of each, roughly 50g, the pan was 20cm wide

add an egg, add a bit of rum (I used Amarula here)


bake in oven at 180 degrees for 30 mins, be careful to check before that so that you don’t burn it

the filling:

whip 500ml of fresh cream

take 10g of gelatine in leaves, soak it in cold water for 5 mins, take it out and squeeze it gently

pour a bit of hot water into a bowl, dissolve gelatine in it

add two plain yoghurts and mix

add sugar to sweeten, today I haven’t added enough, could be sweeter

add whipped cream


when base is cooled to room temperature start adding the filling on top

add a layer of filling, then add fruit, in this case strawberries

repeat layering

make a nice fruit pattern on top

Put in fridge over the night


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