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Some people are not aware that the key strategic resource on this planet is oil and every time oil interests or prices start moving, it’s a sign of something extremely significant.


See now for example. Russia took Crimea and is in tension with Ukraine. Russia’s key piggybank is oil. How do you threaten Putin?

Another example is the whole conundrum of arabic revolutions. Allegedly Gadafi of Lybia wanted dollar ousted as the currency of trade for oil and lobbied for the so-called African-dinar to be its replacement, and to blow another blow to the US, supposedly the new currency was to be gold-based. Some bankers say that gold-based money is true money, everything else is just fake. I’m sure you readers are aware that Dollar is not gold-based, already since FDR’s New Deal.

Move along, another example. WWI. Why exactly did the tension build up to eventually lead to Gavrilo Princip’s killing of the Austrian Prinz? When exactly did Standard Oil  break the news that the Arabic peninsula practically floats on oil? It was 1911, my friends. When did WWI start?

Move along, another example, WWII. What lead Germany to send Rommel to Egypt and why did Hitler decide to take the long east route to around the Black Sea to be stopped at Stalingrad? Well guys, take your atlases out and paint the picture, the west and the east route both try to grab something, a certain piece of land. The Oil Kingdom in the desert. The very same one still is arguably the least stable region in the world.

Now, my friends, the “why” to the question about the current decline of oil prices is clear, it’s Russia. The “who” to the same question is out of my scope of speculation. However I am deeply interested in the “how” question. How do markets get rigged? A brilliant example of one such rig is the battle of Waterloo that was used by Rothschilds in 1815 to gain spectacularly on the first two stock exchanges of the time, in London and Paris. Google it up, however I don’t promise the story will pop up as your lucky strike.

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