Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy



Hey, trip ahoy, ahoy,
work must be done,
done, done, done, dong,
brain does things wrong.

What lays in ya’ soul,
bowl, bowl, bowl, stroll,
what scares all the hopes,
ropes, ropes, ropes.

Bang rush party base,
wipe smiles fro’ yo’ face,
in Ibiza travels your heart,
nights growling, nights blend.

Fly, fly, friers fry,
mosquitos should cry,
when bitten the blood
will flow till it goes dry.

Gabon is a country in sight,
when Canadiens don’t glide,
when ducks spot the rye,
when catchers let balls ride.

Meaning of champions,
feelings of dust,
prizes of chimpanzees,
dreaming of lust.

Heaven is lost,
heaven is found,
your’s is the soul,
that liveth and lasts.

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