Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy



A Schrödinger cat is half dead and half alive.
Heisenberg principle requires half of Planck’s constant between conjugated physical quantities.
Quantum spin of a particle is one half.

In one half life one half of population dies.

One half of life, a day, one half of life, a night.
Half of land, land, half of land, sea.

Half of god, evil.
Half of trinity, one.

A good lough is half of good health.

Life is made up of halves. Half of halves we get by action, half we are given by passion. Unless we join the halves, we don’t get wholes.

My perception is half extrasensorical, half is intrasensorical. The extrasensorical in available to others, the intrasensorical is mine alone. Yet everyone has their own hidden half.

One half of brain is right, yet the other one is not wrong, but often left forgotten.

One half is jin, the other is yang. Yet in jin, there’s yang and in yang there is jin.

One half of truth is not half of the whole truth.

Great story is half of a great movie.
Great direction is another half of a great movie,
Great acting is yet one more half.
And so are editing, lighting, sound, score, casting, effects, camera, scenography, distribution, marketing, and so on.
So how many halves does a great movie need?
Two. 🙂


  1. Just a small correction – the line “In one half life one half of population dies.” actually isn’t all that correct, since the population is growing, hence in one half of each life probably less than half of the population dies, since more new populi are born than have died.

    Just my half a cent 😉

    • Let me disambigue, population in this case is a closed nongrowing set of members. It can be applied to atoms, yoghurt or people, and anything in between.

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