Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy

Yan yo shi


Man’s dreams,
current streams,
flowing rims,
gushing through.

Flowers lay in fields,
roses baren thorns,
widows crying home,
when destinies collide.

Guns appear in arms,
rattling in the night,
poison leaving sounds,
snakes are sliding glue.

Lovers span the sky,
stars embracing you,
you’re my heart’s unsung
melody come true.

When will we let us,
have our kindling ore,
grow to flames in bloom,
straws of burning fields.

Once there was a man,
a man was driving there,
and there he met a shi,
Yan Yo charming shi.

The story is alive,
like lover’s grooming dance,
will there be collapse,
or will the glories grow.

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