Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy

letter to love


Gleaming at a plane

I’d rather not refrain

from keeping you in vain,

the heart just keeps the pain.


The days that passed away,

they stay in me to pray

that we shall meet again,

the sooner is the play.


Dramatic is the word,

by which goeth the earth,

beneath my trembling girth,

to joy you giveth birth.


Will you with me still stand,

or sit in garlic’s smells,

your laughter is the brand

that diamonds envy mad.


There is a sun in you,

an everpresent light,

the treasure that I found,

is you just you just true.


Here cometh thy tear dry,

my fear of future’s wry,

the path to higher high,

the love of lover’s low.


Be there in my embrace,

enjoy the warmth, the face,

let worms eat dirt away,

that rain won’t take, displace.


If however you’re in doubt,

send me a metta’s hope,

and I shall stop in flight

to keep your dream alive.


And now goodbye my love,

my beauties queen, be bold,

be you, be grand, be my, just mine,

our love is one, n’ this its shrine.


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